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Glass is our specialty. At Vanier Industries, we have the expertise and equipment to meet all needs. We offer a wide range of glass products and accessories suitable for both individuals and professionals. Whatever your project, we have the glass style you need.

Discover the full range of glasses offered by Vanier Industries – THE distributor of glass products in Quebec!


Shaping involves turning glass into finished products with state-of-the-art equipment. Environmentally conscious, Vanier Industries use equipment that recovers water used during the process.

In short, shaping makes it possible to transform the glass to give it a specific utility or to provide an additional aesthetic touch.

  • Remove sharp edges for easy handling  ;
  • Improve its appearance and aesthetic characteristics  ;
  • Burn elements on the surface  ;
  • Drill holes and notches to fit architectural hardware  ;
  • And more.

At Vanier Industries, we know how to shape glass to meet the specific requirements of any type of project. We use the most modern processes and the latest technologies to create the highest quality finished product for all types of workmanship :

  • Cleat Flat Polished ;
  • Matt Flat Polished ;
  • Round Clear Polished ;
  • Round Matt Polished ;
  • Polished O’Gee clear ;
  • Polished Waterfall clear ;
  • Bevel ;
  • Miter ;
  • Digital cutting (CNC).

Contact our team of experts for more information on our shaping service or to place an order.


The purpose of soaking glass is to increase its resistance and safety, while retaining its optical (transparency) and acoustic (soundproofing) properties. As a comparison, tempered glass can be up to 5 times more impact resistant than non-tempered glass. In the event of breakage, the tempered glass breaks into smaller pieces that are much less sharp than glass shards, which greatly reduces the risk of injury. Soaking glass also improves its energy efficiency and increases its resistance to thermal shock.

At Vanier Industries, we have all the equipment needed to soak and treat glass to maximize strength. We use a 95-inch-by-180-inch flat-hardening furnace equipped with a laser that allows us to maintain a consistent soak quality and meet a wide range of soaking requirements. We are also certified to the Canadian Standards for glass soaking (ANSI Z97.1 2004 AU CAN / CGSB12.1-M90) and certified SGCC (Safety Glazing Certification Council).

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Poorly adapted glazing is often the cause of significant energy losses. It represents up to two thirds of these losses for residences! The principle of "thermos" windows — laid in 2 or 3 layers — is an ideal solution to the climate of our beautiful province.

We are the first in Quebec to chamfer all our thermos to facilitate handling and reduce the risk of thermal breakage. Our thermos are doubly sealed : the first sealer is made of PVB and the second of silicone. All our thermos are made following this process.

We offer a wide range of energy glass in the residential and commercial sectors.

Increase the comfort of your home, including rooms with multiple windows, using thermo-glazing. Your electricity bill will be reduced even more! Contact our team for more information or to place an order.


Laminated glass consists of at least two layers of glass and a PVB (polyvinyl butyral) or EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) film. It is also called "safety glass", since it considerably reduces the risk of injury. In the event of breakage, the film between the sheets of glass holds the fragments, which prevents the creation of sharp fragments. Laminated glass is particularly effective for railings, awnings, solarium roofs and sound studios.

In addition to improved safety, laminated glass offers excellent soundproofing, making it an attractive choice for city residences and commercial buildings. This type of glass can also be decorated in many ways. It’s possible to add one or more decorative dividers to create original patterns or a special atmosphere in a room. What's more, laminated glass better protects against ultraviolet and discoloration of fabrics and interior coatings than any other type of glass. It’s therefore an excellent product for a glass cellar, since the film filters 99% of UV rays.

Vanier Industries offers a wide range of laminated glass. Contact us to learn more about all available customization options or to place an order!


Vanier Industries provides you with all the hardware you need for your projects. We have a complete inventory of architectural products, tools and accessories to enable you to do all your work. Whether you want to install a glass shower, a railing, or realize a commercial project, you will find what you are looking for in our hardware store.

Our team can advise you on the spot and assist you in all stages of your project, whether residential, commercial or industrial.


Vanier Industries offers you a delivery service adapted to your order. Whether you need glass at your shop or loading directly on a construction site, our delivery team will make sure to deliver your order to your destination at the agreed time.

Our concern for quality and our precision allow us to ensure the supply of major industrial projects, using our boom truck and our other six trucks.

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